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Shelf Monkey gives the book its seal of approval

Corey Redekop, the Shelf Monkey himself, has reviewed The Dead Kid Detective Agency. And he liked it! Redekop is the publicity director at Goose Lane Editions and author of a stellar novel about the strange and exasperating world of bookselling, Shelf Monkey. On his blog, he posted a review of my little book, The Dead Kid Detective Agency, and it just about made me blush:

‘[The Dead Kid Detective Agency is an] enjoyably sardonic adventure with an appealing lead and a surprising trek into a violent chapter in Canadian history. October (wonderful name) is a primo heroine, resourceful, slightly demented, and unafraid of ghosts, murderers, or, worse than both, stuck-up teenage girls (is anything more terrifying than a fifteen-year-old girl with a sense of entitlement?). Her home life is remarkably unvarnished; I can’t recall any similar books where a parent is clinically depressed and another has simply run off in the night. It’s the realism of these details which help ground the more fantastical elements, and if the plot occasionally careens off the rails, Munday’s dry sarcasm and weird asides keep the narrative hopping.’

I was most excited to read he felt October was a ‘primo heroine’ and ‘slightly demented,’ which is high praise indeed! Visit Shelf Monkey to read this and other reviews, and be sure to check out Redekop’s own book, Shelf Monkey. Especially if you’ve ever worked in a bookstore.

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