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FanExpo Scavenger Hunt

As we all know, Toronto’s biggest comic/sci-fi/horror/whatever convention, FanExpo, is just around the corner. Starting Thursday, August 22, the Metro Convention Centre (255 Front Street West) will host celebrity and artist signings, panel discussions, costume contests, and one of my favourite things … rows and rows of dollar comic bins.
There are so many repeated ‘tropes’ [...]

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Dead Kid # 2 in the can, DOOM off the presses!

At times, it seemed it was impossible, but the second manuscript of The Dead Kid Detective Agency, tentatively titled Dial ‘M’ for Morna, is complete!
Well, not quite. I’ve handed in the manuscript to ECW Press. Most of the editorial process is still ahead, and while I think the book is in pretty good shape, I’m [...]

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Thrilling Detective likes the Dead Kids!

October and her friends got a write-up on the Thrilling Detective website! On it, Kevin Burton Smith gives The Dead Kid Detective Agency the a-okay:
‘By turns dark, witty and just plain cool, the author even manages — because the dead kids are from all different eras — to slip in some actual history. [...]

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The Road to Fan Expo

Like Loo-bot, I’ve also been chained to my drawing table and computer, finishing up the first book of Quarter-Life Crisis, trying to meet my printing deadline. Since I’m getting it printed where I work, Coach House Books, my deadline is a little later. It’s going to be tight, but I think I’m going to make [...]

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