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Horror Movie Watch: Critters

This October, I’m attempting an ill-advised viewing of (at least) thirty-one horror movies. I’ll watch (on average) one movie a day, after which I’ll write some things about said movies on this website. Be forewarned that all such write-ups will contain spoilers! Today’s movie is a fitting tale (given it’s Canadian Thanksgiving) about creatures that [...]

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DVD Golden Corral: Night of the Creeps

One day, I’ll leave the eighties, I swear. But that day is not today, so say ‘hello’ to Night of the Creeps, one of the few select films by cult director Fred Dekker (Monster Squad). The film, Dekker’s debut at a mere (get ready to vomit) twenty-seven, is a gory, over-the-top homage to B-movie horror. [...]

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