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Two new dead kid reviews!

On her book blog, Words That Fly, K. Quinlan very kindly reviewed The Dead Kid Detective Agency, alongside Marissa Meyer’s certified mega-hit Cinder, in one of her ‘Double Whammy’ reviews (and I’m very proud to say my book received the same star rating):
‘Sounds interesting right? I thought so too. October’s a really interesting character, [...]

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FanExpo 2011 has begun!

Yes, friends, I write this to you mid-FanExpo, when I should be resting up for Saturday. So far, so good. I’ve seen a variety of amazing costumes, and have convinced many unsuspecting people to buy calendars of supervillain erotica. My fellow illustrators in SketchKrieg! and I are keeping it locked down near the Real Steel [...]

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First review of The Dead Kid Detective Agency!

Exciting news: my juvenile novel, The Dead Kid Detective Agency, received its first review: an advance blog review from Richard at Bound & Determined To Find a Good Read, based on the advance reading copies. And he liked it! He really liked it!
He’s got some valid criticisms, but to paraphrase Meatloaf, four out of five [...]

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Illustrating Librarians

I’m in the midst of approving the proofread and putting the final touches on The Dead Kid Detective Agency, so my blogging is not as frequent as I’d like it to be.  But things are looking good for our favourite living-dead union of child detectives. You can even already view the book online at Amazon! [...]

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