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Show Your Love with Supervillains!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Supervillain Erotica Valentine’s Day Cards!
A while back, I drew a series of supervillain erotica illustrations for a poetry manuscript by the very talented Natalie Zina Walschots. Those illustrations subsequently became a hott 2011 calendar and, now, a series of inappropriate Valentine’s Day Cards.
Looking for the perfect way to tell [...]

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Writing is hard

I’ve been AWOL from the site for a while as I finished up the rewrite of my kids’ book, The Dead Kid Detective Agency. The Dead Kid Detective Agency is a book for young adults being published by ECW Press in Fall 2011, and I’m pretty excited about it, despite
how much work writing it has [...]

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Me, as Buffy blogger

Any of you who watch (or at one point watched) television’s Buffy: The Vampire Slayer may be interested in what Nikki Stafford is doing over on her Nik at Nite blog: The Great Buffy Rewatch.
Inspired (or maybe driven) by the news that Warner Brothers is developing a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer movie that will not [...]

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The Best of 2010

I realize that year-end lists are the height of self-absorption, but everyone else is busy making them. Don’t I have as valid an opinion as, say,

But the main reason I’m posting this list: I haven’t done as much illustration over the holidays as I was planning and am stuck for a blog post. These lists are relevant — they’re all cultural artifacts that, in some way or another, will influence my work — so this is a valid exercise.

I’ve kept it to comic books, movies and songs (in no particular order). I could add other categories, but books are a dangerous territory for me to enter (as a book publicist), television shows are difficult to rate as ongoing entities and few tapestries have made an impact on me this past year.

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