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Write Club results, StripArt Video

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I have something of a backlog of material to post. That material also includes some audiovisual material.
Firstly, I am thrilled to report that I won my bout at the first-ever Write Club Toronto event. DOOM author Natalie Zina Walschots was an extremely worth opponent, but my ‘Analog’ story [...]

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Geek Love’s Paper Anniversary

Long-time (and long-suffering) readers of this blog (hi, mom!) will know I’m the co-organizer of a monthly Toronto event series called Geek Love. With co-organizer (and real founder) Emma Woolley, we’ve been hosting nights of geek-themed television at The Ossington (61 Ossington Street) for a year. We’ve screened nights of The Venture Brothers, Battlestar Galactica, [...]

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People being too nice to me

It’s been a busy week. Given last night was Halloween (which is my unofficial Christmas, with its potent combo of dressing up and sugar), I’ve been running around from Chapters talk to Indigo signing to workshop to workshop. The Dead Kid Detective Agency is kind of a perfect Halloween book, so I’ve had a lot [...]

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Book trailer: Top Five Reasons to Read The Dead Kid Detective Agency

Forsaking reason and shame, I’ve made a trailer for The Dead Kid Detective Agency. And the good people at ECW Press haven’t disavowed knowledge of the book yet! As  my editor Erin  says, if you love madcap teen mystery-solving, things with ‘dead’ in the title, Canadian history and hip-hop, then this is the book trailer [...]

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