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Turning 34: A Comparison

Within the past month, I turned thirty-four, which isn’t a huge milestone, in the grand scheme of things. But I also noticed that a lot of other men have been turning thirty-four. Just days after my birthday, J.K. Rowling released Snowpiercer, in which the only survivors of a global catastrophe live in a long, perpetually [...]

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I answer Nineteen Questions

The other day, I was interviewed for the keen writerly website, Nineteen Questions. Nineteen Questions asks various writers how they became who they are. Kind of a play on the ‘Twenty Questions’ game, the site explores the career trajectories, challenges, and writing lives of writers. It’s a project of the University of British Columbia Creative [...]

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The Third Dead Kid Book: Progress Made!

Just after Canada Day (July 1), I handed in a draft of The Dead Kid Detective Agency #3 (tentatively titled Loyalist to a Fault) to the fine people at ECW Press. Or, more specifically, to my editor, Erin Creasey. This book was harder to write than the first two … well, the second one, at [...]

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