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Season’s Greetings

Apologies! I’ve been AWOL lately, as I try to complete the second installment of The Dead Kid Detective Agency (tentatively subtitled Dial ‘M’ for Morna) before the holidays arrive. Most of my nights have been spent writing and editing into the wee hours, so I haven’t had much time to post on the site (or [...]

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Flattery will get you everywhere

Sorry, friends. I’ve been battling a terrible illness that has been keeping me both in bed and face-down in a toilet for much of the week. My paranoid side blames a dead owl a coworker brought into the office last week, but it was probably just a flu that’s going around. As a result, I [...]

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The Best of 2010

I realize that year-end lists are the height of self-absorption, but everyone else is busy making them. Don’t I have as valid an opinion as, say,

But the main reason I’m posting this list: I haven’t done as much illustration over the holidays as I was planning and am stuck for a blog post. These lists are relevant — they’re all cultural artifacts that, in some way or another, will influence my work — so this is a valid exercise.

I’ve kept it to comic books, movies and songs (in no particular order). I could add other categories, but books are a dangerous territory for me to enter (as a book publicist), television shows are difficult to rate as ongoing entities and few tapestries have made an impact on me this past year.

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