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Dead Kid # 2 in the can, DOOM off the presses!

At times, it seemed it was impossible, but the second manuscript of The Dead Kid Detective Agency, tentatively titled Dial ‘M’ for Morna, is complete!
Well, not quite. I’ve handed in the manuscript to ECW Press. Most of the editorial process is still ahead, and while I think the book is in pretty good shape, I’m [...]

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Back 2 School

Like Rodney Dangerfield so many years before me, I’ve been spending a lot of time going back to school. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Ms. Poirier’s Fifth Grade class at the Duke of Connaught Public School. The class had read The Dead Kid Detective Agency as a group and knew [...]

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The Death of Geek Love

I’ve returned from The Hammer, where the gritLIT Festival treated me like a veritable king! Or a veritable Judy Blume! My gritLIT Festival events were amazing and the staff and volunteers were the best. I talked to about eighty students from three different classes at the Hamilton Public Library, during which I gave a short [...]

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