Quarter-Life Crisis

Quarter-Life Crisis: Book One
Only the Good Die Yung

by Evan Munday
September 2009
5 x 7.375 in, 136pp, trade paperback
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Quarter-Life Crisis is a graphic novel (big comic book) series. The first book, Only the Good Die Yung, is now available in selected stores!

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About Quarter-Life Crisis

Not long ago, a massive, city-wide crisis threw Toronto back into the Dark Age. And, for unknown reasons, only those born twenty-five years ago lived through it — and few of them at that. The survivors gathered into tribes aligned along neighbourhood boundaries.

In this futuristic hellscape, brothers Harper and Aaron Yung find shelter in the Box of Doom above the former OCAD. They spend their days travelling in a damaged streetcar and scavenging the few remaining resources for trade with the Rogers, a paramilitary organization that controls much of the downtown core.

Follow the Yung brothers through a bizarre, post-apocalyptic world of moped-riding gangs of bankers, Keats-quoting robots and deadly competitions of Dance Dance Revolution.